Dime is being retired

But Good News – there’s an even better option available!

(visit Breadwinner for More Info)

What’s Happening?

Dime is being retired as of June 1st. It has been an amazing four years serving our customers and helping them grow, but for several reasons explained below, we are retiring Dime, and encouraging everyone to migrate to Breadwinner — a powerful integration for Salesforce and Xero.

What Next?

You can continue to use Dime until June 1st, and between now and then we recommend you to move over to Breadwinner, produced by Daddy Donkey Labs.

If you are a current Dime customer, you will have received emails from both us and Breadwinner discussing how to migrate to Breadwinner. These emails detail the special migration wizard that has been written for Breadwinner, to make the process of migration as quick and easy as possible. These emails will also provide contact information for Daddy Donkey Labs and webinars that explain the features of Breadwinner in more detail.

Why is this Happening?

Trineo is both a Salesforce Partner and the only Heroku Gold Partner in the Southern Hemisphere. We are in the process of expanding our software development presence in our key markets of the USA, Australia and New Zealand. We are also focussing on consulting work that leverages both our Salesforce and Heroku skillsets.

As we increasingly focus on these core strengths, we’ve also looked carefully at Dime and asked ourselves whether our Dime customers would be better served by another app. We reviewed the marketplace, and only one other app offered all of Dime’s features – and also many more features – and that app was Breadwinner. We reached out to the Breadwinner team at Daddy Donkey Labs and started talking, with the aim to see if our customers, and Breadwinner’s customers, would be better served by all development and support energy going into just one app rather than two.

After discussing and agreeing that our apps should merge/consolidate, we helped the Breadwinner team write a special migration wizard – now part of Breadwinner – that makes transitioning from Dime to Breadwinner quick and easy.

Can I still use Dime?

Dime is being retired on June 1st. If you’re sad to see Dime go because you like it, then we think you’ll love Breadwinner even more.

Trineo is continuing on with custom Salesforce to Xero integration, but this can require significant coding for customers with development costs typically starting at approximately USD10k. If you have complex Salesforce/Xero requirements, please talk to Trineo direct. If however your needs are currently well supported by Dime for CRM, then you’ll want to move over to Breadwinner as quickly as possible.

How long does it take to setup Breadwinner?

Several Dime customers have already switched to Breadwinner, and they reported that the setup process took around 20 minutes or so.

Does Breadwinner work with other Finance packages?

Yes, Breadwinner is currently in beta for it’s integration between Salesforce and Quickbooks Online. And there is talk of an integration between Salesforce and Sage One.